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Why Stackr, End to End Solutions, Solution Line up, Services accreditationFlexibility and Agility, Scalability, Unified Billing and Dedicated Cloud Team.
End to End Solutions – We will hold your hand in entire journey of cloud starting from buying server from market place to Onboarding, Services, Support(if any required)for an experience to remember.

Solution Line up – We have deepest partner relationships and best in class solution, selected to bring enterprise grade functionality for your needs.

Services accreditation – We perform technical due diligence on every service to ensure SLA to be met , with scalable service and with highest level of support from Stackr.

Flexibility and Agility – Complete flexibility in resources provisioning with easy to order, consume , provision and bill with robust tools for users and end to end solutions for your needs.

Scalability – Our services easily expand and contract as per your needs.

Unified Billing - Consolidate your cloud consumption with single point of payment and right performance metric being received through our partners.

Dedicated Cloud Team – Stackr has built a team of dedicated cloud team available to support you through online chat,email or telephonic support.